Promoting the progressive worldview means realizing it. This is where we show how to act on progressive ideas in ways that empower people and reinforce the progressive vision.

Having a clear idea of what to realize and how to do it means inventing the future, at this stage a progressive world becomes a reality.

A Connected Whole

Part of the challenge with realizing the progressive worldview is dealing with an ecology of ideas that isn’t  discrete, separate entities, but a connected whole.

an ecology of ideas, a connected whole

This fact also contains the solution; we must work with our world as a whole, not get stuck separating it into isolated parts. We need to make sure to always keep ideas connected and convey how they are part of something larger, of a whole.

Daily life is filled with situations where we divide things into smaller parts, where we encapsulate them as if they are contained in little boxes. This is often necessary for practical reasons but it is also the gateway to the worldview where everything gets quantified and treated as isolated pieces of lifeless matter.

Yes, if the Internet is a progressive force for good, then the global economy and it’s Tayloristic idea of good is the conservative flip side of the same coin.

Our world is connected, we are connected to each other and to all living things. Nature is a network of connected lives that affects every part of life.

Use values to connect issues

Values connect issues and cross issue barriers (pdf). Values function as links between different issue areas and solutions.

Collaborative Society

Sharing and cooperative solutions are developing and spreading fast. We see global corporations like AirBnB and local swap meets rise. Collaboration is clearly a key component in a progressive World yet We keep framing these issues from The perspective of individuals. The empowering aspekt of collaboration is realized through connections. Building APIs for collaboration is crucial for developing  common wealth.

Living Your Values (aka live promotion)

Pappa med barnvagnAn example of the connected whole is how the real world promotes worldviews. When progressive ideas are realized they function as promotion for the progressive worldview. Some are more effective than others but this is an area ripe for development and experimenting.
These images portray fairly obvious ways in which progressive values are promoted through everyday life. Use them as inspiration.
The same thing applies to conservative values and worldviews and here’s an example of that:

Suvarnabhumi Airport Departures Hall Bangkok Thailand

Air travel can be seen as a very authoritarian thing, there’s an absolute authority on every level, from the captain in the plane to countries letting people through customs (or not).

Start Here!

  • Campaigns/ Action projects
  • Articles
  • Videos
  • Outreach
    • How do we reach environmental organizations about framing?
  • Courses
  • Partisan zone
    • I think we should endorse… because…
  • Feedback (from learning and developing)
    • What can we learn from trying to promote…?
    • How can we do it better next time?
  • Suggestions, what should we promote

The Internet

The Internet is structured in ways that empower progressive thought and action. It is a bottom up concept that invites everyone to participate in and contribute to the common good. It is a space that many progressives have a hard time understanding and handling, often resorting to conservative perspectives and centralized solutions.

The Net is about connections, not primarily about the single nodes but about the links between them. And this idea fits perfectly with progressive ideas of society, where connecting people is the basis of our common wealth.

APIs, protocols


Participation is the key to realizing the progressive vision.

Encouraging people to participate in creating a better society for all

is for progressives what Reagan’s

Encouraging people to work hard and earn a living

was for conservatives. The core act of Participation is to Connect with each other. That could mean contributing to something other people have started or meeting with others to develop progressive ideas. It could mean legislating to increase time for each other. And so on.

The elements of this strategy include:

The positive moral mission
Encourage people to participate in creating a better society for all.

The moral problem
Systems and behaviour that reward some at the expense of others.

The solution
Open up all systems for cooperation and participation to contribute to the common good.

The heroes
People building systems and acts that contribute to the common good.

The villains
People building systems and people who behave in ways that reward some at the expense of others.

This strategy accomplishes three very important things at the same time.

  1. First, it promotes the progressive moral worldview based on empathy, community and responsibility.
  2. Second, it undermines the conservative moral worldview by showing a positive solution that contrasts clearly with those who reward some at the expense of others.
  3. The third thing it does is influence people who are not strongly conservative or progressive to see the world through this progressive lens. These people (biconceptuals) begin to think of the world as a place where empathy and responsibility are good things and acting in ways that contribute to the common good is what will create a better life for all.

This is how progressives will shift the debate. It will take us years, maybe decades to get our stories, which will initially be unpopular, to be the commonsense understanding of how the world works.

As progressives, our job is to show that the conservative view isn’t compatible with the way the world really works. It leads to horrible consequences, as we saw with the response to Hurricane Katrina and the inappropriate use of military force to address terrorism.

“Participation is the method; the object is to change the heart and soul.”

“What we get from nature is remarkable. And then you get the people who want to monetise that. If it’s valuable, what’s the value? What’s it worth? Which is the wrong question to ask, because, first of all, much of its value has to do with what is visceral to you. What does it mean to you if you hear the birds singing, or the birds all die? Second, as soon as you monetise something in nature, a cost-benefit analysis will come in. Nature always loses, because nature goes on for ever.”

Vad betyder det för dig att…

Participation for wellbeing

På vilka sätt kan vi delta för allas välfärd?

  • Plantera
    • Köp tillsammans, med bitcoinlöfte, och odla tillsammans
  • Förnybara system, rörlig energi
  • Gränslös uppkoppling
  • CC- default
  • Sharing economy, common good, public domain
  • Allmändata
  • Universal Basic Income
    • lessens problems with anger against immigrants, they don’t take your job
  • Work contributing to tax base, work as a contribution to society, not just yourself
  • Open protocols for communication, like smtp, rss, html.



Realizing the Progressive Vision